He Ordered 166 Phones And Claimed Refunds. How Delhi Man Duped Amazon

He Ordered 166 Phones And Claimed Refunds. How Delhi Man Duped Amazon

He Ordered 166 Phones And Claimed Refunds. How Delhi Man Duped Amazon

The 21-year-old bought over 166 expensive mobile phones from the online stores and got refunds of lakhs of rupees. After getting the phone he made a complain that he did not get the phones.

The accused, who has been identified as Shivam Chopra, allegedly ordered almost 166 expensive phones from Amazon India between April to May this year and got refunds worth almost Rs 50 lakh claiming that he had received an empty box.

Along with associate, he ordered cellphones from various customer accounts.

During probe, the police seized 19 mobile phones, Rs 12 lakh in cash, 40 passbooks and cheques of various bank accounts from Mr Chopra's house.

Chopra revealed to police that he purchased a number of SIM cards from Jain who runs a telecom store in the neighborhood.

However, within few hours, he used to report to Amazon that he has received an empty packet, and used to claim refunds.

The police started investigating the case after receiving a complaint from Syed Ishaq (36) on behalf of Amazon Seller Services Private Limited.

The amount was refunded to him in form of gift cards, the police said.

Milind Dumbere, DCP (north-west) was quoted by Hindustan Times as saying, "Chopra procured 141 SIM cards and created more than 50 email IDs using those numbers". He got enthused after being successful in claiming for refunds in two of the cases.

There have been other cases where customers have allegedly replaced the items ordered with similar products of poor quality.

The accused was then identified with the help of Amazon's delivery persons, and the locals and by tracing the multiple numbers that were used to place the orders and Shivam was arrested on October 6.

According to the Newspaper, He asked for a refund, and got it.For the next two months, he made a business out of it, ordering Apple, Samsung and OnePlus mobile phones.He would sell the phones either on another online marketplace OLX or Gaffar market, a west Delhi market for mobiles and other imported goods that was counted by the US Trade Representative as one of the world's "notorious markets" in global piracy in 2014.