Baby Delivered Via C-Section After Uterine Rupture

The mother raced a race against time to deliver the baby by C-section

The mother raced a race against time to deliver the baby by C-section

A pregnant woman had a shocking experience when her unborn baby kicked so hard that the child's leg poked out of her womb.

"She was brought to hospital on 2nd October after she suffered severe abdominal pain for about five hours", Peking University Shenzhen Hospital, where Ms Zhang is being treated, says in official statement. However, they performed a cesarean section and delivered the baby, the Daily Mail Online reported.

Ms Zhang and her family thought that the mother-to-be had a stomach-ache, the MailOnline reported.

Doctor Zhang Lei said the woman had been left with a scar on the uterus wall from the previous surgery, and the fetus ruptured it by kicking out.

The hospital said: 'The doctor initially suspected uterine rupture, immediately arranged to do B super. Zhang's amniotic fluid had also begun to flow into her abdomen.

The baby was born about ten minutes into the emergency c-section, according to the hospital, Peking University Shenzen Hospital in China.

Zhong said that women who have operations like Zhang's to remove fibroids should wait one or two years before trying to have a baby.

Uterine rupture occurs when there is a tear in the wall of the uterus, mostly in the place of a previous C-section opening, according to Baby Centre. The complication has a high rate of morbidity for both the mother and the baby.

Although uterine rupture is quite rare, it can very unsafe - both for mother and her baby.

The woman didn't show symptoms, and didn't know about the rupture until coming in for a routine ultrasound, according to Live Science.

In Zhang's case, she told the doctors that she had developed tumors in the uterus after which she had them surgically removed.