Amazon Now Letting Teens Use Their Own Accounts With Parental Consent

OMG! Teens now get more freedom to shop on Amazon

OMG! Teens now get more freedom to shop on Amazon

Amazon has introduced a new way for teenagers to shop on Amazon using a unique login.

Parents can set pre-approved spending limits for the kids on their account if they want to as well. "I know my 15-year-old has done some online shopping and she'll use my card and I'll have to go in and take care of it so this kind of saves you a little bit of a step too".

However, even in the cases where teens are allowed to place their own orders, parents can receive itemized notifications for every order and they're able to cancel or return items, as usual. Teens may also access certain Prime benefits if their parents are a Prime member.

Amazon launched Households in 2015 in order to install more control over the ways people were sharing their Prime accounts with friends and family, and this is an evolution of that move. "We've listened to families and have built a great experience for both teens and parents", said Michael Carr, vice president, Amazon Households.

Afterwards, the teen will log into the Amazon App using their own username and password. This should work out good for parents and kids.

For parents, an email or text message is sent when the order is "placed" - that is, when the teen is ready to order, but the item isn't actually purchased yet.

Analysts say by essentially establishing an online allowance, Amazon has found a way to lure in the next generation of consumers.

Opportunities existing in e-commerce have obviously made it hard for traditional retailers to attract teen shoppers, who tend to have indecisive tastes and are notoriously unpredictable.

Notably, kids can also access their parents' Prime membership at no extra cost as part of this setup.