Auburn Basketball Coach Charged With Fraud And Corruption

Charges are being brought against 10 people.

The New York prosecutors' statement says Person is accused of accepting bribes in exchange for using his position on the team to divert players towards the briber's services.

Joon Kim, the acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of NY, said Tuesday morning that the covert nature of the investigation means the NCAA wasn't aware of the situation until the FBI's announcement Tuesday morning.

Arrested on Monday, the core of Person's legal trouble revolves around whether or not he accepted payments from a sports agent.

Ahthorities sayd the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been investigating the criminal influence of money on coaches and players in the NCAA since 2015. "Quote he listens to one person".

Two unnamed Auburn basketball players are mentioned in the 32-page complaint. In the meeting, Person and the mother discussed that the advisor would be the player's business manager once he went to the National Basketball Association.

Kim said Person explained that his players trusted and looked up to him, reminding them that he'd coached Kobe Bryant and had worked for Phil Jackson. This alleged "pay to play" scheme essentially allowed Person to act as a broker between any agent wishing to cultivate a business relationship with a student-athlete before he left the confines of the NCAA. The witness also had a meeting with the player's mother in Alabama in January.

Person told a player during a meeting with CW-1 not to tell anyone and "that's very important cause this is a violation...of rules, but this is how the National Basketball Association players get it done, they get early relationships, and they form partnerships, they form trust". The coach is said to have told her CW-1 was his financial adviser, that CW-1 was an adviser to Charles Barkley, and that Person was not being paid for connecting CW-1 with her son.

Person also introduced the witness and another advisor to a second Auburn player (Player-2) and his mother in January.

He was one of four college coaches caught in a two-year Federal Bureau of Investigation sting operation.