Trump, South Korean leader discuss North Korea, 'Rocket Man'

US options on North Korea effective and overwhelming Trump

US options on North Korea effective and overwhelming Trump

Hours earlier, North Korea had launched a missile over Japan, the latest in a series of actions that have rattled the worldwide community and prompted a new round of US-led sanctions.

"This includes the regime of North Korea, which has one again shown its utter contempt for its neighbours, and the entire world community", Trump added.

The telephone conversation, the second of its kind since the start of the month, followed the North's launch of what appeared to be an intermediate range ballistic missile that flew over Japan on Friday.

The leaders also called on the North to refrain from any more provocations, warning they will only lead to its isolation and eventual collapse, according to Park Soo-hyun, spokesman for South Korea's presidential office Cheong Wa Dae.

On Friday, the U.N. Security Council condemned North Korea's "highly provocative" test of an intermediate-range missile, which hurtled over USA ally Japan into the northern Pacific Ocean.

North Korea's latest missile launch renewed discussion in the Trump administration about how military force could be used to stop Kim Jong Un's development of nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles.

"After seeing our capabilities, I am more confident than ever that our options are not only effective but overwhelming", Trump said. To put an additional pressure on N Korea, Trump and Moon Jae-in have planned to work with the worldwide community.

Standing before a B-2 stealth bomber and a vast U.S. flag, Donald Trump on Friday lashed out at North Korea warned that advanced USA weaponry could make the souls of America´s enemies "crumble".

"For those who have said and have been commenting about the lack of a military option, there is a military option", he insisted.

"The leaders shared the importance of implementing the U.N. Security Council resolution under close cooperation with the worldwide community and agreed to continue their discussions on the issue", the Cheong Wa Dae spokesman said.

Trump has also threatened "fire and fury" in response to North Korea's threats.

Moon also stressed the need to strengthen South Korea's military capabilities as well as those of the South Korea-US alliance.

Trump's United Nations envoy called North Korea "reckless".

Trump will meet with leaders from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America throughout the week, but his remarks - scheduled for Tuesday morning - will be the president's highest-profile opportunity to explain his foreign policy vision couched in his "America first" agenda. And right now, I don't have any more forensics on it. The South Korean president is set to attend a trilateral summit with Trump, and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday.