Trump retweets video of golf ball hitting Hillary Clinton in the back

Sanders Pushes Back Against Clinton's Criticism

Sanders Pushes Back Against Clinton's Criticism

On Sunday morning, President Donald Trump retweeted a gif that shows him hitting a golf ball that pegs Hillary Clinton square in the back.

Those other tweets included an image predicting Trump would win every state for reelection in 2020, another showing Trump hauling US companies that have outsourced manufacturing overseas and a tweet claiming that "only true Americans can see that president Trump is making America great".

He followed that up with a retweet of a red electoral map with text reading: "keep it up Libs", and "This will be 2020".

It's not unusual for Trump to retweet random accounts, occasionally including users who have anti-Semitic views.

That's an apparent reference to Kim Jong-un, the North Korean dictator who has been escalating its nuclear ambitions with a series of missile launches and bomb tests that have led to condemnations from neighbors as well as the United Nations security council - which has stepped up sanctions in recent weeks. "Too bad!", the president tweet.

Trump's love of Twitter and his propensity to post controversial tweets - often very late at night or first thing in the morning - is well known.

He also endorsed Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette in the governor race there.

The GIF combines real footage of Trump playing golf and Clinton falling over as she walks onto a plane, but the golf ball has been edited into the Clinton video to make it seem as though it had struck her. Mike's Twitter bio references various conservative conspiracy theories, including one that alleges, without evidence, that former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was murdered to prevent him from leaking incriminating Democratic Party secrets to WikiLeaks. The tweet was never deleted and remains on Trump's twitter page.