Overwatch's Ana and Junkrat Coming to Heroes of the Storm

Overwatch's Ana and Junkrat Coming to Heroes of the Storm

Overwatch's Ana and Junkrat Coming to Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard announced this new addition on Twitter earlier this week while also announcing a new map: Volskaya Foundry.

Blizzard did not provide more details on Ana and Junkrat for Heroes of the Storm, but given that the other Overwatch heroes in the MOBA have mostly retained their skills from the massively popular multiplayer shooter, the two characters will likely play the same.

Ana and the new Volskaya Battleground are planned to hit the HotS PTR next week, while Junkrat will be joining at a later date.

Ana is a support character who should dole out healing when she arrives to HotS. These two are a great addition to the game since Ana is a hybrid sniper that's also capable of healing and Junkrat is a insane, fun and explosive damage dealer. An Overwatch-inspired map, Volskaya Foundry, will also be added to HotS. By capturing points around the Foundry, players can secure control of a giant two-person mech called a Triglav Protector. Heroes of the Storm is now free to play until September 19. Much like co-op hero Cho'Gall, one player will control the movement while the other targets and shoots enemies. Although, Hanamura is temporarily removed right now but it will certainly make an appearance during the upcoming future.

Both Ana and Junkrat are yet to have official ability reveals, but a new trailer featuring the duo does show returning abilities such as Junkrat's Concussion Mine and Ana's Sleep Dart being present in Heroes of the Storm.

On the one-lane Battleground Volskaya Village, giant robots run amok.

Blizzard hasn't yet detailed when all this new content will drop.