Florida Sign Language Interpreter Warns of "Bear Monsters" at Hurricane Irma Briefing

Category 1 Jose Gains Strength Eyes East Coast

Category 1 Jose Gains Strength Eyes East Coast

"I was totally shocked", Mr Wagner said.

The former president of the National Association of the Deaf knew right off the bat that something wasn't right.

The Daily Moth, which provides information to the deaf community via videos, reported on the incident and identified the man on the video as a county lifeguard who reportedly knows some sign language because he has a brother who is deaf or hard of hearing.

She told WFLA: 'It was horribly unnerving for me. Of course, given that the press conference turned into a gesticulatory Mad Lib involving bears scarfing pizza during a flood, that assessment seems to have been a little off base.

"It was obvious to me he wasn't a professional interpreter".

A sign language interpreter has been accused of being a phony after taking the stage during a Hurricane Irma news conference.

"I knew something went horribly wrong", said business owner Charlene McCarthy.

The deaf community has also asked for an apology, according to CBS New York.

County leaders have faced the brunt of the criticism for failing to organise an interpreter despite days of weather warnings.

The founder of sign language interpretation service agency VisCom, which is often hired by Manatee County, could not explain why officials failed to hire one of her workers.

He also wore a yellow top - interpreters usually wear a colour that contrasts against their skin tone, making their hands stand out.

"They said yes, for the next morning at 9:30 am", she said.

We spoke with the interpreter's family Tuesday night.

Deaf people living in an area hit by Hurricane Irma missed out on vital information when a sign language interpreter translated it into complete gibberish.

The interpreter's family said he just did what his bosses asked him to do.

Members of the local deaf community have demanded an apology from Manatee County, saying the error was risky and put lives at risk.