DFO officials confirm spotting another dead Right whale

North Atlantic Right Whale carcass spotted off New Brunswick coast

North Atlantic Right Whale carcass spotted off New Brunswick coast

The department said it is the 11th confirmed death of a North Atlantic right whale in the Gulf in recent months.

They were not immediately able to confirm whether this was a carcass that has previously been spotted.

The resThe Department cannot confirm that this whale is the same that was observed entangled off the Gaspé Peninsula at the end of August.

To date, the death of 11 right whales in the North Atlantic has been confirmed in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Officials have said they will attempt to recover the carcass and perform a necropsy on the whale next week. DFO say that whale has not been seen since it was first reported entagled on August 28. "Flights and boats were sent out and were unable to relocate the whale", The DFO said in a statement Friday night.

At least 13 North Atlantic right whales have been found dead off the coast of the US and Canada this year, prompting the USA government to launch an investigation into what it described as "an unusual mortality event". Two other whale carcasses have appeared off the coast of New England, bringing the total to 13. The whales are among the rarest marine mammals in the world and number no more than 500. At least thirteen North Atlantic right whales have died in the United States and Canadian waters in 2017-a figure much higher than the yearly average of 3.8.