Public Inquiry into Grenfell Tower fire set to start

Just one in 50 social housing tower blocks has a sprinkler system a probe has found

Just one in 50 social housing tower blocks has a sprinkler system a probe has found

Ahead of it, Dany Cotton - the commissioner of the London Fire Brigade - has called for sprinklers to be installed in all high-rise flats. It found that just one in 50 had full sprinkler systems and only one in three had more than one staircase though which residents could be evacuated.

A Labour MP and former fireman has backed the call to install sprinklers in council flats ahead of the opening of the Grenfell Tower inquiry. I support retrofitting - for me, where you can save one life then it's worth doing.

'This can't be optional, it can't be a "nice to have", this is something that must happen. #Grenfell must lead to change.

The public inquiry into the Grenfell fire, chaired by retired judge Martin Moore-Bick, will open on Thursday. Since the Grenfell fire ministers were widely criticised for sitting on the coroner's recommendations.

The AJ has contacted the Department of Communities and Local Government for comment.

A large number of industry bodies and trade organisations have submitted recommendations to the inquiry and the Government has stated it will act on all subsequent findings from the investigation.

Jim Fitzpatrick, MP for Poplar and Limehouse and a secretary to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on fire safety and rescue, said this should be a "regulatory requirement".

The BBC questioned 56 local authorities and housing associations in towns and cities and received responses relating to about half of the UK's estimated 4,000 tower blocks.