Ian Paterson: Victims of disgraced surgeon get £37m

Ian paterson

Ian paterson

Spire Healthcare said it chose to settle claims against the company relating to actions by Ian Paterson, a former breast surgeon now facing jail-time for carrying out operations on patients he wrongly diagnosed. Spire Healthcare's contribution will be 27.2 million pounds ($36.10 million).

Paterson was initially jailed for 15 years but this was extended to 20 years in August after Court of Appeal judges ruled the sentence was "unduly lenient".

Spire Healthcare, which runs private hospitals across the United Kingdom, will contribute £27.2 million to the fund, which is meant to halt legal proceedings by patients against the group and account for any new claims.

"He behaved with clear criminal intent and abused the trust of those who looked to him for his care and relied upon his expertise".

Heart of England NHS Trust was part of the civil action because patients said it failed to notify Spire of Paterson's unsafe methods discovered while working for Solihull Hospital.

It said the order would also "provide for a portion of the fund to be set aside to provide compensation for any former patient of Mr Paterson who has not yet brought a legitimate claim against Spire Healthcare and the other defendants, but does so prior to 30 October 2018".

Figures from NHS Resolution show that as of July 31, it had received 277 claims involving Paterson's NHS practice and paid a total of £17,411,639 on those cases.

Victims said Paterson's crimes had left them in constant pain and struggling to trust medical professionals.