Vin Diesel Announces Fast & Furious Live Tour

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Star Vin Diesel announced on Facebook Live this week an global tour of arena stunt shows based on the hit franchise, in which he plays main character Dom Toretto. Vin Diesel, one of the longtime stars of the franchise, has announced that he will bring the automobiles and bombast the film series is known for on the road for a live world tour.

The 50-year-old actor told his fans all about the upcoming live show while hosting a Facebook Live this week.

Diesel has always been the face of the Fast and the Furious franchise, with him also taking up the job of being executive producer on the films as of late as well. "It'll be a way for you to see the action first-hand... the first time it's ever been done".

The show is expected to kick start in January.

'I just hope you guys are having a great summer, remember, count your blessings and let the people you care about know that you care about them - never do that too much, ' he said. "I am in NY, believe it or not, and we are filming something that is going to be pretty state of the art, something no one's ever seen before, which is a live show".

'I think it's first going to be shown at the O2 Arena in London, but it's going to go all over the world and we're really excited about it'. The executive producers are Chris Hughes and James Cooke-Priest, along with writer/director Rowland French.

Because this is Vin Diesel we're talking about, his video is not without a moment of vanity. RameshBalaa, the social media strategist took his twitter account to share the news with his fans.