Palestinian Woman Detained over Stabbing Incident in Jerusalem

Israeli police

Israeli police

India and Israel harbour suspicion and paranoia of worldwide organizations where both routinely come under attack from Arab and Muslim countries: India for its handling of the Kashmir issue and Israel for its treatment of Palestinian Arab citizens and its intransigence against establishing a Palestinian State.

Israeli forces detained a Palestinian woman outside the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem, on Saturday, for reportedly carrying out a stabbing attack that lightly injured a Palestinian resident of Jerusalem.

Security forces later raided the terrorist's home and confiscated a computer and documents. When police questioned the terrorist, she told police she had come to the scene with the intentions to kill Jews. They brought her to the local precinct for questioning.

Police in Jerusalem remain on heightened alert.

According to the investigation, on Saturday at approximately 11:40 AM, the terrorist arrived at the near the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem and while she walked down Sultan Suleiman Street towards Ha-Nevi'im Street, she noticed an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man and quickly began moving towards him.

Immediately afterwards, the terrorist continued towards a nearby bus station, where she approached another civilian and stabbed him with her knife. However, the investigators continue to collect testimonies from witnesses in an attempt to locate the terrorist's first target.