Pakistan laments world community's failure to halt Indian atrocities in Kashmir

An Indian paramilitary troop stops a Kashmiri woman during a curfew imposed in Srinagar

An Indian paramilitary troop stops a Kashmiri woman during a curfew imposed in Srinagar

Speaking at his weekly press briefing, he said at least 15 Kashmiris were martyred by Indian forces in the ongoing week.

Khawaja Asif also shared his vision of meeting the challenges and availing the opportunities in the realm of inter-state relations from Pakistan's perspectives.

The Korean national assembly speaker expressed keen interest in Korean investments in Pakistan and deepening economic cooperation, the Spokesman said.

"No one is raising voice on persecution (of Kashmiris) as (the) worldwide community, for safeguarding its business interest (s) in big Indian market, seem to (have) forgotten about their high standards on human rights and human values", Malik said in a statement issued here. He said that these brutal killings by Indian forces are going on and on.

"Last week the count was 8; the statistics of Kashmiris' sufferings on various counts, as a result of Indian barbarities and impunity with which Indian forces are committing the crimes against humanity, challenge the credibility of worldwide community's commitment to human rights".

Pakistan on Thursday said that the worldwide community has completely failed to restrain the Indian troops from mass killing of Kashmiri Muslims.

Nafees Zakaria said that Indian policy of killing innocent Kashmiris is part of a strategy to break the spirit of Kashmiris, alter the demography in Jammu & Kashmir and to convert it into a Muslim minority from an overwhelming Muslim majority state.

According to the spokesperson, India was also trying to bring material change to the Indian-held Kashmir, which is a clear violation of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution on Kashmir.

The spokesperson said that India is using Afghan soil against Pakistan, adding that the country reserves the right to raise the issue with the U.S. government.