Kuwait says responding to oil spill in Ras al-Zour area

"Emergency oil teams are still working to put an oil spill near Kuwait's southern Ras al-Zour area under control", the statement said, citing Seikh Talal al-Khaled al-Sabah, Kuwait's oil sector spokesman.

On Friday, Kuwait's Environment Public Authority (EPA) said it was taking all appropriate measures in order to protect water outlets from the oil spill.

The experts estimated that as many as 35,000 barrels of crude oil may have leaked into the waters off Al Zour, where Kuwait is building a massive US$30 billion (Dh110.2bn) oil complex that includes a 615,000-barrel-per-day refinery.

But Kuwaiti media quoted local oil experts on Sunday as saying the spill originated from an old 50-kilometre pipeline from the oilfield.

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, located south of Kuwait along the Gulf coast, said the spill had not reached their waters.

Al Khafji Joint Operations has confirmed the safety of its facilities and that they are free from any oil spill after reports of an oil spill from an oil tanker in the northeast of the Arabian Gulf.

Al Khafji Joint Operations announced the activation of the crisis management plan and the conduct of an aerial survey of the submerged area to ensure the safety of installations and beaches, said a Saudi Press Agency report.

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait jointly operate fields in a shared area known as the Neutral Zone.

Bahrain's National Disaster Management Committee said that Bahrain's waters are not affected by Kuwait's oil spill.