Cowboys Lose 2nd Preseason Game 13-10 in Los Angeles

Rams outside linebacker Robert Quinn will be held out of Saturday’s exhibition opener against the Dallas Cowboys

Rams outside linebacker Robert Quinn will be held out of Saturday’s exhibition opener against the Dallas Cowboys

The reigning NFC East champions are scheduled to visit the L.A. Rams at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

With Ezekiel Elliott falling in the RB pecking order, certain running backs will be purple patched more than ever. If the suspension holds up, Elliott wouldn't be eligible to play in the regular season until October 29 when the Cowboys play the Washington Redskins. Once he comes through and gets his groove again, you certainly have a scary potential to score lots of points, especially come playoff time. Jeff Fisher was sacked after almost five seasons with the franchise, and the Rams hired Sean McVay, a 31-year-old who was Washington's offensive coordinator, to groom Goff into a franchise quarterback. The rookie quarterback completed his first eight passes, with the last of those a flawless feed to Gathers for the 25-yard touchdown. Elliott, who led the league in rushing yardage and earned first-team all-pro honors, stands to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, and possibly millions, in lost wages and signing-bonus money he may have to repay the team.

The Cowboys will be back in preseason action in Dallas next Saturday taking on the Indianapolis Colts at 5 p.m. He is confident that Darren McFadden, Alfred Morris and Rod Smith will be able to handle the load until Elliott returns. I wanted to play last week obviously. Unfortunately, the ball wasn't bouncing Dallas's way much last night, and the Rams actually managed to benefit from their first fumble of the game.

He passed for 435 yards and three touchdowns in the final game of 2015 against the Redskins - his last before an injury kept him out for all of 2016. Elliott was given a six-game suspension by the National Football League on Friday for injuring his girlfriend in July 2016. So for the fantasy player that wants him, you will have to buy high on McFadden to be sure you handcuff the Dallas run game.

It would make sense for Rams' starting quarterback Jared Goff to get a few snaps in the team's first preseason game. However, the letter explains, a player can still be found to have violated the NFL's personal conduct policy even if he hasn't been charged with a crime. He had no touchdowns and didn't throw an interception. His passer rating of 63.6 would have been the NFL's worst if he played enough to qualify among the rest of the league's starters. Officially, Goff didn't get credit for the touchdown, but he completed a pass on the scoring play and celebrated the score with emotion. The Steelers capitalized on two major Giants' turnovers in the preseason opener for both teams. They are scheduled to play in Dallas in Week 4 on Sunday, Oct. 1.