South Carolina Officials Warn of 'Lizard Man' Sightings During Solar Eclipse

Agencies advise on possible 'Lizard Man,' 'Bigfoot' sightings in South Carolina during eclipse

Agencies advise on possible 'Lizard Man,' 'Bigfoot' sightings in South Carolina during eclipse

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) is warning citizens in several of its counties to be vigilant of paranormal activity associated with the upcoming total solar eclipse.

And with the Carolinas' history of "Lizard Man" and "Bigfoot" sightings, residents should be aware of the possibilities.

Luckily, several government agencies have been ahead of the game, already highlighting on social media the possibility of paranormal activity as the sky goes dark mid-afternoon on August 21.

The agency tweeted a graphic Wednesday, "regarding possible paranormal activity" occurring during the solar eclipse.

The "Lizard Man" was first spotted in 1988 by Christopher Davis, a then 17-year-old Lee County resident, according to previous Post and Courier reports. After he finished changing it, he claimed a "red-eyed devil" appeared about 30-yards away.

SC does have a history with lizard men-more on that in a sec-and the text accompanying the map, which graphed eight lizard man sightings, seemed to the suggest the department was somewhat serious with its post. Davis said he was able to chuck the beast of the roof and live to tell the tale. Even two police officers said they were convinced "something is out there" after having an alleged encounter about a month after Davis's experience.

Fast forward to now, and the rumors and concerns of Lizard Man sightings during the solar eclipse are such a worry that emergency departments in SC feel the need to acknowledge them. "As always, if you see something, say something", the department tweeted alongside the graphic, with a tongue possibly in cheek (but who knows).