Keith Ellison: 'Irresponsible' Trump could bring about first strike by North Korea

US citizens in North Korea DOOMED if Kim and Trump continue on nuke warpath

US citizens in North Korea DOOMED if Kim and Trump continue on nuke warpath

As the insanity increases and the threats between the US and North Korea escalate, might I make a suggestion.

"You have this guy [Trump] making bellicose threats against somebody else who has very little to lose over there", Ellison said. The landmark report, strongly rejected by Pyongyang, said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un might be personally responsible for crimes against humanity.

He went on to urge the crowd that if they "don't want to get caught, deer-in-the-headlights", when missiles start flying that they should "call in North Korea immediately".

Pentagon officials told Fox News on Friday that the U.S. military stands ready to "fight tonight" on the Korean Peninsula, as President Trump said the "locked and loaded" and retweeted images from U.S. Pacific Command showing B-1B Lancer bombers on Guam.

Ellison immediately retracted those remarks in an interview with a Washington Post reporter after leaving the panel.

"It's tailor-made for somebody to misuse", Ellison said.

"The time for cranking up the antiwar machine is right now", Rep. Ellison said. I'd say he's being incredibly irresponsible and he's putting us in a situation where you could have an accidental launch.

But Corbyn's words are being heavily drowned out amid the ongoing sabre-rattling between Trump and the Kim regime.

And just days before that, the president promised to unleash "fire and fury" on the tin-pot country, should dictator Kim Jong Un continue to make unwelcome advances against the United States. And so, what we need to do is try to tamper down this crisis. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which visits detainees worldwide, does not have access to political prison camps in North Korea, believed to hold some 100,000 people.