Today's World Emoji Day

Today's World Emoji Day

Today's World Emoji Day

If you thought 17 July was an important day due to the presidential elections or because the Monsoon Session of Parliament is beginning, you're not wrong.

First off, a world record was broken which spanned across 6 different countries.

Emoji expert, Vyv Evans, added: "Emoji is the world's only truly global form of communication so today's fantastically worldwide Guinness World Record attempt has been a wonderful way to celebrate this". Apple is celebrating by condensing a bunch of movies in the iTunes Store into emojis.

You can commemorate this occasion by stretching your fingers for optimal emoji usage, flooding your socialmedia with the latest emojis from 2017, participate in the 2017 Emoji Awards or just book tickets to the upcoming Emoji movie.

The University of MI released a study in December 2016 showing what emojis were popular in different countries and the results were quite interesting. The most common emoji is the one. Globally, the tears of joy face was most used. Emoji are used much like emoticons and exist in various genres, including facial expressions, common objects, places and types of weather, and animals.

The Emoji Movie hits United Kingdom theatres 4 August. Ricky Gervais, Patrick Stewart, Anna Faris, Christina Aguilera and T.J Miller will all lend their voices and keep us entertained!

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