Ships of India, US, Japan manoeuvre in rough sea for Malabar

Malabar 2017 Mig 29K FA18 super hornet INS Vikramaditya USS Nimitz

Malabar 2017 Mig 29K FA18 super hornet INS Vikramaditya USS Nimitz

Malabar 2017: This year 16 warships, two submarines, and more than 95 aircraft of the three countries India, US and Japan are participating.

Under cross deck flying operations, a helicopter from USS "Shoup" landed on-board Indian Naval Ship "Sahayadri" and later on Japanese Naval ship "Sazanami", the officials said. Despite the rough seas and challenging weather, the ships and aircraft of the three navies carried out their assigned tasks in a cohesive manner.

The helicopter from JN Sazanami undertook flying operations from the INS Sahyadri and the USS Shoup.

Indian Air Force's MIG-29K Fulcrum flies over US Navy ship Nimitz as part of the tri-nation Malabar 2017 exercise in Bay of Bengal near Chennai coast on Monday.

Malabar 2017: Though India and the USA have been regularly conducting this annual exercise since 1992, this 21st edition of it had created a buzz in China as well, as it took place in the backdrop of a major military standoff between armies of India and China in the Sikkim region.

Under the crew exchange programme, an Indian Navy helicopter transferred Japanese sailors to Naval ship Vikramaditya in the Bay of Bengal.

INS Vikramaditya, India's aircraft carrier participating in the exercise, launched MiG 29K fighter aircraft to undertake combat missions against the US Navy F-18 fighter aircraft launched from USS Nimitz, the USN aircraft carrier, for combined crew training.

In addition to the combat operations, the fighter aircraft from both navies undertook composite formation flying, thereby demonstrating another step in the interoperability aimed through this exercise.