Rauner says he'll veto money for Chicago teacher pensions

Governor Rauner to Talk Education Funding in Rockford Monday

Governor Rauner to Talk Education Funding in Rockford Monday

Meanwhile, the $36 billion fiscal 2018 budget the Illinois General Assembly enacted last week over Rauner's veto prohibits the flow of state money to schools in the absence of an evidence-based funding model, raising concerns over whether the state will make a looming August payment to the school districts.

The governor, surrounded by several local Republican lawmakers, said he will remove a "poison pill" in the bill that would requires the state to pick up the employer's portion of teacher pensions costs for the Chicago Public Schools, something the state does for all other school districts.

Governor Rauner's office also provided a chart in the release that shows the changes in funding he wishes to make as part of the amendatory veto.

Rauner held a press conference Monday to "demand, not request" the bill be sent to his desk so that he can change it as he sees fit.

SB1 was approved 60-52 in the House and 35-22 in the Senate, both below the three-fifths majorities necessary to override any veto.

In fiscal 2016, some 119 school districts relied on state money for 50 percent to as much as 71.5 percent of their budgets, according to Illinois State Board of Education data.

Democratic state Sen. Andy Manar says that could effectively kill the legislation, putting hundreds of districts at risk of shuttering schools.

Rauner will be in Rockford to discuss funding reform later on today.