Hypocrisy: Made in America

Mainstream Media CNN Fake News Get Trump

Mainstream Media CNN Fake News Get Trump

"I'm wondering whether you can tell us if "Made in America" week will include the Trump Organization or Ivanka Trump brands committing to stop manufacturing wares overseas", Walker asked of Spicer on Friday. I'm not going to comment on specific products, but I will tell you the overall arching goal is to grow the United States manufacturing base and to grow U.S. workers here.

Mr. Spicer said it would be "inappropriate" for him to discuss Trump companies, but he said in some cases, "there are certain supply chains or scalability that may not be available in this country".

Similarly, the clothing line of Ivanka Trump, the president's older daughter and a senior White House adviser, relies exclusively on foreign factories employing low-wage workers in countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and China, according to a recent Washington Post investigation. Above, an Ivanka Trump-branded blouse is seen for sale in Toronto.

"Where's the fire? I'll put it out", Trump said aboard a firetruck made in Wisconsin.

. "The president's been a very successful businessman on a number of fronts, to understand very firsthand what the tax burden and regulatory burdens do to a business".

"Sen. Chris Van Hollen, Maryland Democrat, said it was the "‏height of hypocrisy to be rolling out "Made in America" week when Trump's businesses have been producing most of their products overseas".

"Where's the fire? I'll put it out", he said, adding that the truck was lovely.

When asked during the press conference if the Trump family was ready to commit to making more of their products here, Ferre is reported to have said: "We'll get back to you on that".

Pressed further, Spicer declined again to comment on Trump's own branded products.

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