Trump Administration Cuts $214 Million From Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs



The Trump administration has cut $213.6 million in teen pregnancy and STI prevention programs across the US, affecting many vulnerable populations.

But this week, the federal Office of Adolescent Health sent letters to those 81 organizations informing them that their funding would end in 2018 - two years early.

Under the Obama administration, five-year grants were awarded in 2015 to organizations that provided evidence-based programming or conducted researching into preventing teen pregnancy.

Ending the program early will mean the effort to figure out the best way to stop Chicago Public Schools students from experiencing an unwanted pregnancy, contracting a sexually transmitted infection or engaging in risky sexual behavior will end, and the work already completed will be useless for scientific study, officials said. But yes, it's cutting the $213.6 million to help teens that's really going to save the country from debt. "The researchers will not have the funds to analyze data they have spent the past two years collecting or incorporate their findings into assistance for teens and their families".

Trump, though, wants to fund abstinence-only programs - to the tune of $277 million - despite the fact that teen pregnancy rates are highest in states that teach abstinence-only, and the USA has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the developed world.

Numerous teen pregnancy grants set to end early target those groups.

Other groups being impacted by the unexpected grant cut include clinics for STI testing, programs to increase teens' and parents' access to sex-education resources, as well as outreach and research initiatives.

But many argue abstinence-only programs aren't effective and worry the Trump administration's effort to cut off funding for teen pregnancy prevention programs, combined with Republicans' efforts to slash Medicaid and defund Planned Parenthood, will result in the country'steen pregnancy rate rising rather than falling. It's a massive blow to crucial funding for a health issue that now goes against the vehemently pro-life administration, which includes the Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, who once said there are literally no women who can not afford birth control and that funding for birth control "is a trampling on religious freedom and religious liberty in this country".