Ship hits Ray Nitschke Memorial Bridge in Green Bay, flattens small boat

The Ray Nitschke Memorial Bridge is up after an incident Saturday

The Ray Nitschke Memorial Bridge is up after an incident Saturday

USA Today Network-Wisconsin reports that the incident occurred Sunday afternoon.

The ship is called the Kaye E. Barker.

Police say they have questioned the operator of the cargo ship. After crashing into the dock, the ship then crushed and sank a 16-foot-boat tied up in the area. A short time later, crunching could be heard on the video as the vessel pushed the smaller boat into the dock.

"It kept going and you heard this screeching and we looked and it sounded like it was hitting the bridge", Unger said.

The bridge was subsequently stuck in the open position, with traffic having to be diverted to other parts of Green Bay.

Warych added that coast guard officials were able to to make contact with the cargo ship on a marine radio to get the captain to stop, apparently unaware of what he left in his wake.

After joining the Interlake Steamship Company in 1989, she became Kaye E. Barker, honoring the wife of Interlake's Chairman of the Board and President.

The Kaye E. Barker was making its way along the Fox River when it hit the CityDeck, destroying a 16-foot boat before it smacked into the Ray Nitschke Memorial Bridge. The pleasure boat, which was not occupied, sustained damage.

The Kaye E. Barker remains docked in Green Bay as investigators try to determine what caused the crash. "Interlake is cooperating with the United States Coast Guard as it conducts its investigation". The Barker had earlier delivered coal to the C. Reiss Coal Co on the river's western shore just south of the Don A. Tilleman Bridge at Mason Street...

The Ray Nitschke bridge reopened around 6:40 Sunday night.