PayPal support comes to Samsung Pay

PayPal support comes to Samsung Pay

PayPal support comes to Samsung Pay

Through the partnership, more than 200 million users of Samsung Pay will be able to pay through their accounts with PayPal, one of the world's largest internet payment companies. As the company said today, it processed $102 billion in mobile payment volume and two billion mobile payment transactions previous year.

Samsung said it would begin the Samsung Pay service using PayPal first in the USA before gradually expanding it to other global markets. Samsung has gradually expanded support for more banks and financial institutions.

Today, it has announced that yet another payment method can be added to Samsung Pay, but it's not a credit or debit card.

Setting it up is easy as well. Users just have to link their PayPal account with Samsung Pay on their device and they can then easily pay using the service anywhere Samsung Pay is supported.

That said, Samsung Pay is not yet one of the most-used payment technologies in the USA, according to recent data. Its mobile payments technology, a rival to Apple Pay and Google's Android Pay, works both with NFC point-of-sale system and those using traditional mag strip technology.

According to March data from, Samsung Pay has the highest usage rate of the digital wallets with 4.5% of mobile users.

The government has also introduced a number of schemes to promote adoption of e-payment methods like mobile wallets, debit/credit cards and Unified Payment Interface (UPI). PayPal support will be rolled out to other markets later.