Heroic Dog Jumps in Water to Save Drowning Fawn

Amazing video shows dog rescuing baby deer

Amazing video shows dog rescuing baby deer

When a baby deer was drowning in the Long Island Sound Sunday, a dog named Storm jumped into action.

As soon as they started walking on the beach, he said the fawn - likely spooked by Storm and Freeley's other dog Sara - ran right back in the water.

Freeley can be heard on the video encouraging the dog, "Good boy, Storm!"

Freeley started filming when he saw that Storm was desperately trying to drag something back on shore.

'And then he started nudging it, and started pulling it to make sure he was gonna be okay guess, ' Freeley said.

Once on land, the fawn ran off but soon collapsed, Freeley said.

Freeley immediately called experts, who scared the fawn back into the water when they arrived at the beach.

The deer appeared to be breathing, so Storm and his owner stayed with it until a veterinarian and a representative from Strong Island Animal Rescue showed up, WTVT reports. The deer is now being treated and is expected to make a full recovery from the incident.

The fawn was taken to Save the Animals Rescue Foundation, a wildlife rehabilitator in Middle Island, and is recovering nicely, Kutzing said.

The above video, filmed by Freely, went viral after he posted it on his Facebook page.