Emirates to investigate champagne video

Air-hostess filmed pouring champagne back to bottle

Air-hostess filmed pouring champagne back to bottle

The original footage was accidentally filmed by Russian passenger Yevgeny Kaymov who was flying business class to Dubai when he wanted to capture a short clip of his surroundings - just because.

A spokesperson from the company has responded to both the Independent and the Telegraph, stating that "Emirates always strives to provide the top quality service".

Emirates say that the matter is being investigated.

Debate has since ensued on the internet about why the Champagne was being poured back into the bottle.

Actions recorded on this video do not comply with our quality standards.

The immediate assumption by many people who viewed the video that Kayumov took while panning across the Emirates cabin was that the flight attendant may have been pouring leftover drinks from glasses that had already been served to Emirates passengers back into the champagne bottle, perhaps to be served on later Emirates flights to additional passengers.

He posted the video to his Instagram account, tagging the airline in his caption. "I accidentally filmed this video, and didn't even notice this moment at the time, pouring unfinished champagne back into the bottle".

Cabin crew have defended the actions of a female flight attendant, who was filmed on-board without her knowledge, shortly before take off in what appears to be an nearly empty business section of the aircraft. "Or this is the norm?" one Reddit user wrote, directing the question at the @emirates Instagram page.

This year has been quite rough for airlines as many videos have surfaced on social media pointing out the flaws of the cabin crew.

He disagreed with another claim that workers were not allowed to pour liquids out while they're on the ground. "Until airlines can adequately stock their planes, flight attendants will always look for ways to conserve popular items that often run out to avoid making excuses about why they are out".

Emirates Airline has been contacted for a comment. "(They) are now investigating the incident".

Others commended the employee's thoughtful action.