Air Canada Plane Blows A Tire, Shuts Down London Gatwick Airport Runway



The runway at Gatwick Airport is closed after a plane's tyre burst on take-off.

An airport spokeswoman said the runway was temporarily closed twice - first when the plane was in the air, and again after it landed - to carry out precautionary safety checks.

Arrivals and departures were forced to use the back-up runway, causing delays and cancellations.

In an earlier update, at around 3.30pm, Gatwick said: "We apologise as flights for the rest of the day will experience delay and there will be some cancellations. Passengers are advised to speak to their airline for the latest flight information".

The Boeing 767 plane still managed to take off, but had to dump fuel and head back towards the airport for an emergency landing.

The Air Canada Rouge incident happened around lunchtime and prompted an immediate inspection of the main runway for about half an hour.

"Following this Gatwick's runway has been closed since 2.12pm to allow for a runway inspection".

The runway is now being inspected to make sure any debris is cleared.