USA shoots down Syria plane, Russian Federation threatens retaliation



Following the downing of a Syrian jet by an American plane, Russian Federation has said it will treat USA warplanes flying in parts of Syria where its own air force is operating as targets, The Independent reported on Monday.

Moscow is warning that it will target allied aircraft operating west of the Euphrates River in Syria in retaliation for the USA shooting down a Syrian government warplane on Sunday.

The United States has said its recent actions against Syrian government forces and allied militia have been self-defensive in nature, aimed at stopping attacks on US-led coalition forces or their local allies.These have included several air strikes against pro-government forces that have sought to advance towards a USA military base in southeastern Syria near the border with Iraq, where the U.S. military has been training rebels to fight IS.

The Pentagon said that it did not seek to fight the Syrian regime, Russian Federation or pro-regime forces, but was merely acting in defence of its coalition partners in Syria.

The Pentagon statement added: "The demonstrated hostile intent and actions of pro-regime forces toward Coalition and partner forces in Syria conducting legitimate counter-Isis [IS] operations will not be tolerated".

Despite that shift, however, administration officials have not made clear the full objectives of USA policy or its limits.

The Syrian government this month marched into Raqqa province from the west but had avoided conflict with the US-backed SDF until the latest incident.

A US-led coalition fighter jet shot down a Syrian military plane in Raqqa province on Monday, drawing ire from Moscow and Damascus.

President Donald Trump has ordered stepped-up military operations against Islamic State and delegated more authority to his generals, but without a comprehensive Syria strategy, his approach risks further confrontation with Syria, Iran and even Russian Federation, according to us officials and analysts.

The incident came as a monitoring group reported the first ground fighting between Syrian government troops and the US-backed alliance of Kurdish and Arab fighters.

Once that territory is retaken - and Islamic State militants are gone - the White House will have to decide whether it will continue to deepen its involvement and protect its partners against Assad's forces and their backers.

A top Russian diplomat has condemned the United States for shooting down a Syrian Air Force fighter jet the previous day as an act of "aggression".

This is not the first time that Russian Federation has said the "de-confliction" channel has been suspended.

"The coalition's mission is to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria".

The attack drove the militia fighters from the town, so the USA sent an aircraft to roar over the battlefield in "a show of force" that stopped the pro-government forces' advance.

It was the first time an American fighter jet has shot down a Syrian aircraft in the civil war, with USA officials saying the action was taken to defend Washington-allied forces in the area.

Russian Federation has provided active support to Assad's forces on their attack on ISIS strongholds in Palmyra and the Eastern desert.

"If America remains disengaged from diplomacy to end this war we will continue to drift toward military escalation that could slip beyond anyone's control", Markey said. Syrian Democratic Forces rumbles through the Raqqa area on Sunday.

A senior United States defense official tells CNN the so-called "de-confliction line" remains open with Russian Federation. On June 8, the United States shot down a pro-regime drone after it fired on coalition forces, according to a coalition statement.