USA lawmaker shot by anti-Trump gunman showing improvement

Congressman Steve Scalise

Congressman Steve Scalise

This person says investigators aren't sure of the significance of the names and it's not clear whether this was a list of people the attacker was targeting.

He had with him a piece of paper with doodles and the names of three politicians, according to a person familiar with the case.

The president said that because of the "tremendous pain and suffering he's now enduring. our country will perhaps become closer, more unified".

Scalise, 51, had another surgery on Saturday and "he is more responsive and is speaking with his loved ones", a statement posted to his Twitter account said.

"We are encouraged by improvement in his condition over the last 36 hours", Sava said during a press conference at the hospital.

On Friday, the hospital's director of trauma, Dr. Jack Sava, called Scalise's injury a "transpelvic gunshot wound" which had "fragmented, and caused significant damage to bones, internal organs and blood vessels".

When the Representative entered MedStar Washington Hospital after a mass shooting at a Congressional baseball practice, his surgeon said, he was "as critical as he could be". He's been undergoing repeat surgeries. Medical staff said that he is sedated but does seem to know that his family is with him.

Authorities say they are examining a cell phone, a computer and a camera found inside a white van where the gunman who wounded a top Republican congressman and several others had been living. He declined to make definitive statements about Scalise's prognosis, but did say he expects the Congressman to be able to walk and possibly even run again.

Mr Scalise was airlifted to hospital in shock, with intense internal bleeding, Dr Sava said.

"I feel a lot more confident and a lot more optimistic than I did two, three days ago", Dr Sava said.

Trump also adds, as he's said previously, that Scalise is "having a hard time, far worse than anybody thought" following the shooting Wednesday.

One of the Capitol Police officers injured in Wednesday's shooting has thrown out the first pitch at the Congressional baseball game - to thunderous applause.