The Internet Is Scolding Lucy Hale for Calling Herself "Fat"

Pretty Lucy stepped out in a revealing leather mini-skirt white blouse combination

Pretty Lucy stepped out in a revealing leather mini-skirt white blouse combination

It's one thing to be self-deprecating, but that is NOT right.

That upset some followers, especially since The Pretty Little Liars star has a young fan base. "I love you daddy", yet it's what she said in the comments section that really irked her fans.

"Fat? That's what you take away from this attractive photo of you and your dad?"

In a reply to a friend, Lucy calls herself "so fat" (most people would not consider her overweight in the photo) and says "ugh" to describe how she felt about her body. You weren't, and even if you were, who cares?

"Fat? You look a healthy size". How many young girls are going to see that comment that look up to YOU. You may be thinner now but were never "fat". "You know what it's like, there you are with somebody, let's say they're like you [motioning to Jedediah Bila]". She can't act like she has a ideal life just because she's famous and has fans.

Some fans shared that they were so disappointed with the comment and planned to unfollow Lucy, and by Monday (19Jun17), having viewed hundreds of negative responses, she had removed every single comment from the original post. The addition of the word "ugh" places a judgement on "fat", as though it's worse to be fat than it is to be thin - something that many people already think, as evidenced by treatment of fat folks daily.

"That journey comes from the inside out, it's an insecurity of your own", Sarah Haines said, somewhat defending her.

Instagram users continued to find a way to vent their frustration, though, adding their comments to the next photo Lucy had posted on the site just a few hours later on Sunday.