Afghan guards killed, 2 injured as gunmen storm United States base in Bagram

Gunmen have killed eight Afghan guards working at the largest American base in Afghanistan, officials said on Tuesday, as the United States appears set to boost its troop presence in the country.

The spokeswoman for the provincial governor in Parwan said on Tuesday that two other guards were wounded in the attack that happened late on Monday in Bagram district.

There has been no claim of responsibility for the incident so far. The Taliban have increased their attacks against Afghan security forces, and Daesh terror group affiliates have been trying to expand their presence by attacking in different parts of the country. American military commanders in Afghanistan have requested thousands of extra boots on the ground. They mainly serve as advisers and not on the front line.

"#Bagram - 10 Afghan security guards from Bagram military base attacked in Shah Kah village last night".

Last week, an Afghan soldier attacked U.S. troops at Camp Shaheen, in Mazar-e Sharif, injuring seven.