79 people presumed dead in London high-rise fire

79 people presumed dead in London high-rise fire

79 people presumed dead in London high-rise fire

'Equally, there may be people who thankfully may have managed to escape the fire and for whatever reason have not let their family or friends or police know, ' he said. Another shows the metal frame of an exercise bike amid piles of broken drywall and plaster.

"Both myself and colleagues from London Fire Brigade have already said it will take weeks".

"I can not imagine the distress and suffering that not knowing what has happened to your loved one is causing and I completely understand the desire for answers that families, those for whom Grenfell Tower was home and the local community have".

'Whilst our teams have been from the bottom to the top of the tower, we must now carry out a full forensic and systematic search.

She also defended the fire service's advice for people to stay in their flats during tower block fires, saying that having everyone evacuate from such blocks through a single staircase would cause further injuries and hamper efforts to put out smaller blazes.

Police also said that the number of people missing and assumed dead had risen from the previously official toll of 58.

Some 58 people are now feared dead in the Grenfell Tower fire in west London, according to British police, APA reports quoting Anadolu.

"My understanding is that the cladding that was reported wasn't in accordance with United Kingdom building regulations", Hands told Sky News.

A British lawmaker has warned of a possible cover-up over the recent London tower fire, calling on Prime Minister Theresa May to quickly gather all available documents about the incident before they are deliberately "destroyed".

"It will also be a subject that the separate criminal investigation will be looking at", he said.

West London film producer Nisha Parti, who has been helping victims, said the cash is being given to those checking into hotels in the wake of Wednesday's horrific blaze.

Weakened by a botched election gamble last week, May has been criticised for her muted response to the fire and had to be rushed away from a meeting with residents on Friday under heavy police guard as protesters shouted "Shame on you".

There were emotional scenes at the site in north Kensington at 11am as firefighters halted work to join residents for a minute's silence held to remember those who lost their lives and all others affected by the blaze.