Putin denies relationship with former NSA Michael Kelly

Putin denies relationship with former NSA Michael Kelly

Putin denies relationship with former NSA Michael Kelly

In an interview on American television last night, the Russian president - who denies any involvement in the hacking of email accounts of top Democrats that many believe helped swing the November vote in Mr Trump's favour - said U.S. spies could be have been behind the data theft.

"Flynn was considered a close Trump adviser", Michael McFaul told NBC News in April.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday rejected allegations that his country influenced last year's USA presidential election, saying such an act "wouldn't make sense" and that he hadn't seen "any direct proof of Russian interference" that would have aided the election of Donald Trump.

Putin denied Russian Federation influenced the election, saying "we don't even have to do that".

"There's a theory that Kennedy's assassination was arranged by the United States intelligence services", he said.

Putin's comments were translated from Russian into English for the broadcast.

The Russian president also declined to address reports that he was in possession of a secret dossier of compromising material on Trump, and said there was no "special relationship" between the two men.

Putin said he didn't have knowledge of meetings between Trump campaign officials and the Russian ambassador.

"Put your finger anywhere on a map of the world, and everywhere you will hear complaints that American officials are interfering in internal electoral processes", Putin told Kelly. "No proposal like that came to me".

Kelly continued to push Putin. "You created a sensation out of nothing".

When Kelly asked about Americans who may think he's an autocratic ruler who jails dissidents and kills journalists, Putin replied, "Russia is developing along a democratic path".

In response to questions about damaging information, Putin asks Kelly, "Have you all lost your senses over there?"

President Putin explained that "hackers can be anywhere" and even went so far as to suggest it could have taken place within the United States. Even his astonished comment that Americans have "lost their senses" for thinking Russian Federation might gather compromising information on American businessmen in his country sounded disingenuous. Where would we get this information from?

"For me, this is just unbelievable".

The interview, in a nutshell, was a trainwreck - for more than one reason.

A preview of NBC's interview with Mr Putin was released to the media on Sunday. He also attacked Kelly and the press for raising those questions.

Kelly announced her departure from Fox News for NBC months ago, but this was the first show she has led in her new TV home.

Flynn was paid $45,000 to speak at the event and was in the "seat of honor" next to the Russian president. Frankly, it felt as if anyone could have hosted the program.

"This is a person with a fresh view of things", the Russian President said.

While acknowledging no "smoking gun at this point", Warner said he wants "to know what kind of pressure, appropriate, inappropriate, how many conversations he had with the president about this topic".