Newt Gingrich says Trump has a 'compulsion to counterattack'

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said President Trump's tweet asserting that he's under investigation for firing FBI Director James Comey wasn't helpful to the president.

The other arguable hypocrisy of Gingrich's turn against a special counsel like Mueller is the passionate way he attacked those who criticized the last high-profile special counsel, Kenneth Starr. I don't think they're going to get the president, but they're going to get somebody, and they're going to get him for something.

Gingrich reversed course from a month ago, when he tweeted praise of Mueller, calling him "a superb choice" to head the Russian Federation investigation. Yesterday, Trump himself confirmed that he is now under investigation for obstruction of justice for firing FBI director James Comey, after asking him to "lay off" the investigation into former adviser Michael Flynn's Russian ties.

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The president seemed to be referring to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who wrote a memo detailing what he saw as concerns about Comey's leadership of the Federal Bureau of Investigation immediately prior to Trump's firing him on May 9. "I know what I saw", Goldberg said.

"He couldn't find a single pro-Trump attorney to hire, I think that's a mistake to pretend that this is some neutral investigation". I think that it will be interesting to watch. You could have good personal relations, but that didn't mean when you got down to negotiate that they could betray their caucus or I could betray my conference.

Recently, with reports that Mueller is investigating Trump for obstruction of justice, Gingrich came out and said the president can not obstruct justice, despite voting to impeach Bill Clinton over obstruction of justice while in Congress.

"Robert Mueller is superb choice to be special counsel". "That response on social media was in response to the Washington Post piece".

"We start over here on Russian Federation, well they don't have anything on Russian Federation, but maybe there was obstruction, we may not get anything on obstruction, but maybe there's going to be perjury".

But the former GOP House Speaker added, Trump "is infuriated - and legitimately, in my judgment - by this whole Russian baloney".