European Union reiterates support for Paris agreement, despite USA snub

European Union reiterates support for Paris agreement, despite USA snub

European Union reiterates support for Paris agreement, despite USA snub

Her long-standing focus is on the governance issues inherent in managing greenhouse gas emissions, domestically and internationally.

"We've had a lot more discussion amongst governors that it really is time for states to lead on a number of issues".

There has been a great deal of consternation over the president's decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

Former President Barak Obama had to work around an obstinate Republican-controlled Congress to find non-legislative tools for climate action.

"This decision isolates our country from worldwide partners in shared, global efforts to curb climate change, and at its core is an assault on our future stability and prosperity", Reed wrote in a statement.

But Hawaii is far from alone in pushing back. Trump: "I was elected to represent Pittsburgh, not Paris". The phrase, which the White House soon after looked to capitalise on in announcing a tour of the U.S. in honour of the sentiment, was quickly undercut by the mayor of that U.S. city.

Even though the US goal would keep the average global temperature from increasing only by about 0.2 degrees Celsius, that would prevent a large climate change in all places across the globe. In recent weeks, some activists have tried to pressure Ivanka Trump, appealing for her help on climate change, worldwide labor conditions and immigration. Meanwhile, Hawaii became the first U.S. state to pass legislation to comply with the Paris agreement.

Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff pledged his support, writing on social media, "If we walk away from our Paris Agreement commitments to reduce carbon emissions and help fight climate change, history will condemn us for it".

The Obama administration pledged to cut USA greenhouse gas emissions 26 to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025.

Does Trump's argument that America first, and American jobs risk a backlash from other countries towards the US? Still the targets don't seem that impossible given the prospect of more renewable energy, electric cars, advanced building systems and smarter electrical devices and appliances.

"From an economic perspective, doing whatever we can to save energy is definitely an economic advantage for us", Soden said. "That is a real nation-state".

On May 19, Eagle County, along with Vail, Avon, Minturn, Eagle, Basalt and 27 other communities, signed the Compact for Colorado Communities, which aims to leverage partner resources, build capacity and develop clean energy initiatives across the state. Natural gas production can only be competitive in comparison to prices set by foreign nations with more traditional oil extraction operations.

Renewables continue to drop in cost, and are now at a tipping point below the equivalent energy costs of coal and oil.

In a speech following Trump's announcement, Peduto said that in Trump's speechwriter's mind, "Pittsburgh is this dirty old town that relies upon big coal and big steel to survive".

Mayors of cities including Los Angeles, Atlanta and Salt Lake City have signed on - along with Pittsburgh, which Mr. Trump mentioned in his speech announcing the withdrawal - as have Hewlett-Packard, Mars and dozens of other companies. The city's water is is the lifeblood for over a million residents in the area.

On the other hand, we hear the defiant suggestion that Trump's decision might not be so important, because renewable energy is already becoming so cheap that a future without fossil fuels has almost arrived.

Ms Biskupsi co-chairs a sustainability committee with the US Conference of Mayors, which meets twice a year.

Bainimarama, who also serves as president of COP23, extended an invitation to the newly formed United States Climate Alliance to send a delegation of states to the upcoming convention in Bonn, Germany. Just like the fall of the Roman and British Empires, with Trump's presidency the no longer a world leader. "That is something we definitely want changed".