Despite Clinton impeachment vote, Gingrich says President 'cannot obstruct justice'

Newt Gingrich stepped up his fierce defense of Donald Trump on Sunday by suggesting that former FBI Director James Comey may be part of a federal probe - not the president.

Raddatz asked Gingrich on Sunday if the president has lost confidence in Rosenstein who, after Comey's dismissal, appointed Bob Mueller as special counsel in charge of the FBI's investigation of Russian interference in the USA election and possible ties to Trump associates. "And when I watch these paid hacks on television, to be quite honest, I am sickened by how unpatriotically they undermine the Constitution of the United States on behalf of their client". While speaker of the House, Gingrich voted in 1998 to impeach President Bill Clinton on charges of obstruction of justice and perjury. Comey has said three times I didn't do anything with the Russians. After Gingrich blamed Clinton's email investigation as a reason to why she was not president, Whoopi outright denied that Comey found any wrongdoing in Clinton's email investigation.

Gingrich then flipped his view about Mueller and has publicly questioned his credibility and fairness and joined Trump by calling the investigation a "witch hunt".

The wounding of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) and four others might encourage lawmakers to be more cordial, but Gingrich drew a clear distinction between getting along and getting things done. The "president can not obstruct justice", said Gingrich.

"That tweet was in response to a Washington Post story that ran with five unnamed sources without identifying the agencies they represented saying that the special counsel had broadened out his investigation to include the president. Maybe it's you, whoever you are, '" Gingrich said.

So now the newest one is: Ah.

"I think this whole game of recusal now, this is a nightmare", Gingrich said.

"I keep telling everybody at the White House, this is not like NY real estate law, this is criminal law", he said.

"'By the way, I know you said I needed to spend eighty million but I've only spent thirty million".

Gingrich once praised Special Counsel Robert Mueller on May 17 as a "superb choice" and praised his reputation as "impeccable for honesty and integrity".

'Media should now calm down'.