Louisville Ballard's Jordon Adell taken as No. 10 pick of MLB Draft


Jordon"Jo Adell speaks with Scott Braun of the MLB Network on his being drafted by the Los Angeles Angels

The Los Angeles Angels selected Jordon Adell with the tenth pick of the 2017 MLB Draft.

Adell, a power-hitting outfielder, has signed with the University of Louisville, but his attendance there is doubtful given his Major League value at the moment.

Adell, a 6-foot-3 Louisville commit and leading candidate for Kentucky's Mr. Baseball award, hit.562 with 25 home runs and 61 RBI in 35 games for the Bruins.

The last JCPS player taken in the first round was Jeremy Sowers, who went with the 20th overall pick to Cincinnati in 2001.

Adell also tends to struggle against hard fastballs and needs to learn how to recognize breaking pitches better than he now does. Still, Adell already has the physical makeup of a big leaguer, and if he taps into his power, the Angels could be rewarded with a phenomenal prospect. He has the current tools to handle center field and also boasts the arm strength to be a plus right fielder if he outgrows center.

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