House Dems launch longshot bid to impeach Trump

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This will remain obstruction of justice regardless of the findings of any investigation."CNN quoted Green, as saying".

Both the White House and multiple Russian officials have denied allegations of collusion, and Moscow has repeatedly denied it interfered in the 2016 United States presidential election.

Green's call for impeachment comes as support to remove Trump from office is higher than his approval rating. "My articles of impeachment are being reviewed and at some point, if no one else does, I will file articles of impeachment to impeach President Donald J Trump". Comey also suggested that Trump's intent was clear regarding whether the President was trying to pressure him into dropping the investigation into former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. "The question really is whether the president can obstruct justice with impunity".

Two House Democrats are launching a longshot bid to impeach U.S. President Donald Trump, a step that illustrates the deep political divide engulfing Washington and much of the country.

President Richard Nixon resigned in August 1974 before he could formally be impeached in the Watergate scandal.

Advance news reports had already said that the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director would "stop short" of accusing the president of obstruction, meaning that Green's entire basis for impeachment was negated before he even filed the paperwork.

Only two presidents in US history, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, have ever been impeached, but both were acquitted of any convictions. "I have engaged in the process of drafting articles of impeachment".

But the efforts to impeach the president don't appear likely to be successful given the current makeup of Congress.

The subject of impeachment has the potentials that would set Democrats and Republicans come to blows.

Till now, there has never been an impeachment by both the House and Senate. But top Democratic leaders have urged their party members to refrain from discussing impeachment until they see if ongoing investigations uncover more details about the actions of the president's team. Two-thirds of senators must vote for conviction.

While many Dems have quietly stepped away from talk of impeachment with the hopes that the Russian Federation investigations will help bolster the party in 2018, Green has forged ahead undeterred.

Green also told reporters that the U.S. Capitol police force is investigating racist death threats he received last month following his initial call for Congress to impeach Trump.