WWE Backlash 2017 Full Match Card Predictions And Opinions

WWE Backlash 2017 Full Match Card Predictions And Opinions

WWE Backlash 2017 Full Match Card Predictions And Opinions

Randy Orton will defend his WWE Championship belt against fast-rising star Jinder Mahal. Those segments of television are the tools WWE Creative could stand to use more often to introduce characters to the masses and get them over before they set foot inside the squared circle.

Baron Corbin vs. Sami Zayn: Sami Zayn is better suited on Smackdown, but sadly he still plays second fiddle to lots of other stars. Dolph Ziggler has a tendency to turn things up when it matters most (see his incredible Intercontinental Championship match with The Miz).

On a 7-segment WWE pay-per-view, Segment 2 and Segment 6 generally receive the least match time on the show.

It's one thing to predict the winners and losers at Backlash 2017, but how about taking a guess at the match order on that card? With Erick Rowan ranting about a family that doesn't exist and Harper betraying that family? Baron Corbin is someone who's been on the up and up since coming to WWE. Instead, we have a six-woman tag match.

"I think that the problem Rip [Rogers] and Randy [Orton] have is what the young guys think they need to do to get noticed". Breezango, consisting of Tyler Breeze and Fandango, have made a mark as the fashion police.

Kevin Owens 8/11 vs AJ Styles 8/11. However, as of Sunday, it looks like he could become the new United States champion.

However, it seems that the company has finally found their next Indian superstar in Indo-Canadian origin wrestler Jinder Mahal. [Image by WWE] Finally, there's the big match that everyone has been wondering about.

Randy Orton is the current WWE Champion, and fans are used to seeing Orton with a title. Vince McMahon is reportedly still very high up on Orton, and Orton is looked at as "Vince's guy". I think it might be asking for trouble to stick a Rowan match on so early in the night, so I'm going to put the more exciting Zayn in that spot.

The Usos, on the other hand, need the tag titles to maintain credibility as they continue to bounce back from the deep, dark abyss of mediocrity they found themselves in a year ago. His latest odds were at 1 to 4 to emerge victorious from this match. He has established himself as one of the top names in SmackDown Live and Mahal believes that he is ready to take the next big step in his career. Will the favorites all end up being winners on Sunday, or will there be any surprises?