Spotify acquires music AI startup Niland

Dream a little dream

Dream a little dream

The move doesn't come a moment too soon for Spotify, as competition has rapidly increased thanks to the growth of services such as Apple Music, Deezer and Pandora.

Niland is not well-known in the field of AI.

On the other hand, Niland founders Damien Tardieu, Christophe Charbuillet, and Johan Pages said Spotify "changed the music industry and revolutionized music consumption in less than a decade". Most of the other Music services now use something called collaborative filtering, which consists of analysing public sources of information, such as blogs, to find when multiple artists, albums, or songs are referenced in the same context.

Their innovative approach to AI and machine learning based recommendation systems is a ideal fit for the Spotify team. Spotify aims to implement Niland's technology to help its users discover new music they want to hear, as well as help the artists on the platform get more exposure to the music lovers who want to listen to them.

This acquisition of Niland marks the fourth acquisition by the company so far in this year.

The French startup will help bolster its push by bringing a specialized recommendation engine to the table that can identify the key elements of a track and find similar content.

Apple has been slowly incorporating AI into its applications. Some of the tech giant's playlists are built with algorithms, but have had musicians such as Pharrel Williams and Elton John put personal touches on its Beats1 radio shows. The provider offers a tool called Release Radar that produces a personalized selection of new releases for users every week, as well as an automatic playlist generator that has attracted 40 million listeners within its first year. Spotify had more than 50 million subscribers as of March.