US sanctions Iran officials, Chinese network over missile program

He faces Ebrahim Raisi, a leading conservative candidate who takes a harder line against the United States and the West.

"This ongoing review does not diminish the United States' resolve to continue countering Iran's destabilising activity in the region, whether it be supporting the Assad regime [in Syria], backing terrorist organisations like Hezbollah [in Lebanon], or supporting violent militias that undermine governments in Iraq and Yemen".

Meanwhile in a surprising move on the same day the Trump administration waived other, broader sanctions on Iran, the Department of Treasury imposed sanctions on two Iranian defense officials, an Iranian company and members of a China-based network.

The sanctions block them accessing any assets they may have in the U.S. and forbids people from doing business with them, at the risk of being blacklisted by the US.

Since Mr Trump's inauguration, his administration has also continued to certify to Congress that Iran is upholding its part of the deal, which it must do every 90 days.

Trump threatened to tear up the nuclear deal during his campaign and has launched a review of its terms, but until then the deal requires him to renew sanctions relief at regular intervals.

Summary⎙ Print The Trump administration sanctioned seven new entities for their alleged role in Iran's ballistic missile program even as it complied with the letter of the nuclear deal.

Also on Wednesday, Iranian state media said four passenger airplanes were being delivered as the first installment of a deal with French-Italian manufacturer ATR that was finalized after the nuclear agreement.

Trump had until Thursday to extend a sanctions waiver on Iran.

The National Iranian American Council welcomed the president's decision, but voiced concern about the administration's commitment to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action agreement with Iran. Here's where the idiocy of President Obama's negotiations are made obvious.

Europe's leaders are quickly moving forward on economic normalisation with Iran, and scuttling the nuclear deal would have wide-ranging diplomatic repercussions with major allies, she said.

So as long as the deal is in place, we will be kept in the dark about everything in it.

In the end, it won't matter. In addition, imposed sanctions against Chinese official of Rouen of Runninga. In some ways - as is the case with improving the quality and efficiency of centrifuge technology - the two nations have an entirely different understanding of what that means.

The 68-year-old cleric, a moderate within Iran's political system, has history on his side when Iranians vote on Friday.

Prior to the latest round of sanctions, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said the USA opponents of the JCPOA "try to cause tumultuous atmosphere and the aim behind escalation of sanctions is just to raise hue and cry".

Iranian officials say the country has carried out the missile tests as part of its program to boost defense capabilities, rejecting claims that the tests were in violation of Resolution 2231.