UK's May promises voters immigration curbs, fairer society

Immigration: Aim to reduce annual net migration to the tens of thousands.

Mrs May warned that if the upcoming Brexit talks failed to deliver a good deal, "the consequences for Britain and for the economic security of ordinary working people will be dire". "I also want to ensure that people here in this country are able to get on regardless of where they come from, or which school they went to, that what we see here in the United Kingdom is that how far you go depends on your talents and your willingness to work hard".

According to the most recent UK Home Office figures, Indian nationals accounted for 53,575 or 57 per cent of skilled work visas granted in 2016, with U.S. nationals the next largest group at 9,348.

The Tory manifesto also promises a new industrial energy efficiency scheme "to help large companies install measures to cut their consumption and bills".

"We will increase the earnings thresholds for people wishing to sponsor migrants for family visas". Overseas students will remain in the immigration statistics, despite pleas by university authorities to exclude them from immigration figures.

Overseas students will remain in the immigration 55 statistics in line with global definitions and within scope of the government's policy to reduce annual net migration. She said leaving the European Union offers the chance to build "stronger, fairer, more prosperous Britain" based on "a new contract between government and people".

Border control in Terminal Five of London's Heathrow Airport.

"We will leave the European Union and take control of our money, take control of our borders, take control of our laws", she said to applause from the audience of local activists and members of her cabinet.

"Every vote for me strengthens my hand in Brexit negotiations", she added.

It's thought the move would save £650 million a year, which would go towards boosting school funding by £4 billion over the next parliament.

The manifesto promises more money for schools, paid for by replacing free lunches for all children during their first three years at primary school, with free breakfasts.

It also revealed David Cameron's tax "triple lock", which guaranteed there would be no rise in national insurance, VAT or income tax, will be scrapped in favour of a general statement of intent to lower tax and simplify the tax system.

The assertion that "our responsibility to one another is greater than the rights we hold as individuals" suggests the prime minister could be more of a Tony Blair fan than she has previously let on.

The Conservative manifesto, being launched on Thursday, will argue that "when immigration is too fast and too high, it is hard to build a cohesive society" and that with annual net migration standing at 273,000, "immigration to Britain is still too high".

A payment that pensioners now receive for winter fuel bills will in future go only to the poorest.

"All we know if the Tories are returned next month is that if you're a pensioner you face the penalty of losing your winter fuel payments, control of your home, and the value of your pension".

However, those in care will be able to keep their homes until after they die, when the home will be sold to recover the costs, with £100,000 passed on to loved ones, guaranteed. Introduced in April, it is now set at £1000 per worker per year.

May smiled as one journalist asked her if she was proud of her new monicker (nickname), the Red Tory, a reference to the brand color of the Labour Party.