Trump to Muir: Special counsel 'hurts our country terribly'

Trump to Muir: Special counsel 'hurts our country terribly'

Trump to Muir: Special counsel 'hurts our country terribly'

Rosenstein appointed former Federal Bureau of Investigation head Robert Mueller as the special counsel to investigate the Trump administration and presidential campaign for collusion with Russian Federation to interfere with November's election.

The surprise announcement to hand the probe over to Mr Mueller, who commands deep bipartisan respect, was a striking shift for Mr Trump's justice department, which had resisted calls from Democrats for an outside prosecutor.

In a meeting at the White House on Thursday, President Donald Trump told news anchors that the appointment of a special counsel in the Russian Federation probe is bad for the U.S.

"I think the vulnerability is that Mueller can take this anywhere he wants for as long as he wants and no one is in control except Mueller".

"FBI investigations are not fast, and Bob Mueller is unlikely to launch a particularly fast investigation", Graff told me in an interview Thursday. Watch our conversation in the player above.

Russian Federation has denied USA intelligence agencies' conclusion that it interfered in the election campaign to try to tilt the vote in Trump's favor. "I think we have a very divided country because of that and many other things".

"With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special counsel appointed!" he tweeted.

It was Trump's first time taking questions since his Justice Department named a special counsel to probe Russia's involvement in the 2016 election.

The news that Rosenstein knew about Comey's firing before he wrote the memo could make the deputy attorney general a witness in Mueller's investigation, the Times noted.

"The entire thing has been a witch hunt and there is no collusion", he said.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said, "I believe the professionals at the Justice Department need to do their jobs independently, objectively, and thoroughly, and I believe the special counsel, which is Robert Mueller now, helps them do that". "Additionally, the ongoing investigations by the both the Senate and House must continue".

"Director Comey was very unpopular with most people", he said. On one hand, if Mueller declares Trump has an involvement, they can not accuse him of a frame-up.

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, said Rosenstein told the full Senate he was not pressured into writing the memo, but did so after learning of the president's decision to fire Comey.

He says from the public's standpoint, not much is going to change.

"The chairman and I have talked about doubling down, that¹s the message we've conveyed to the staff", Warner said.

The White House, however, said initially that it was Rosenstein's memo on May 9 that led to Mr. Trump's decision to fire Comey last week.

But Rosenstein contradicted the White House's original explanation, according to some Democratic senators.