Trump to join Pence in disclosing 2016 financial information

Notre Dame students who are part of the activist group We Stand For demonstrating for a sanctuary campus. CREDIT Saskia Hennecke

Notre Dame students who are part of the activist group We Stand For demonstrating for a sanctuary campus. CREDIT Saskia Hennecke

With numerous scandals facing the White House, Vice President Mike Pence has taken his first steps toward a more powerful political position. The vice president is a far more traditional politician when it comes to raising money, and this group — called the Great America Committee — can collect up to $5,000 per donor and parcel out funds to candidates supportive of White House policies. An unnamed associate of Mr. Pence told NBC News that the PAC will "provide resources for the Vice-President to actually support candidates who are supportive of the President's agenda", ruling out a presidential run for the vice-president himself in 2020.

This week the New York Times reported that Flynn hadn't just warned the Trump transition team about possibly being a foreign agent; he also revealed that federal investigators were looking into his lobbying work.

Ayers estimates Pence is in possession of information on more than 100,000 potential donors and supporters, often a powerful and lucrative asset in politics, though it is doubtful his list of in donors would be even close to rivaling the list already amassed by the Trump campaign committee.

Matt Schlapp, a veteran Republican consultant who leads the American Conservative Union, said Trump's candor and authenticity, attributes that helped get him elected, make it more hard for Pence and other members of his team to stay in step.

No one contacted by TheStreet could recall such a setup by other vice presidents.

A block away at the White House, Trump took a far different tack, telling a group of news anchors that the appointment of a special counsel to investigate his campaign's possible collusion with Russian Federation "hurts our country terribly".

"And yet at this very moment, nobody can detail for any of us a single crime Trump has committed, other than winning an election that he was supposed to lose in a landslide, unseating the popular (snorts) Hillary Clinton, whose turn it was - and who openly, in his inaugural address, threatened the Washington establishment and told them their days were over", said Limbaugh. It's possible that both the best-case and worst-case scenarios stemming from that decision could come to pass: Pence becomes president (at least for a while), but is forever marked by the Trump stain.

The Politico story contained these lines: "The pining for Pence is nothing new, however".

The White House denies this. Under Pence, one of Indiana's southern counties, Scott County, lost its only Planned Parenthood clinic - which was also the only HIV testing facility in the county.

Those of us who have known Pence prior to his unlikely ascension to the Vice-Presidency aren't surprised by his acquiescence; Pence is not particularly intelligent, thoughtful or self-aware.

"Republicans who are reflexively defending the self-inflicted wounds of this president have no need for him with Mike Pence in the wings", Erick Erickson wrote Wednesday on his conservative blog, The Resurgent. If scandals escalate and Republican support for Trump softens, the speculation may gain steam. Chatter on Twitter show people have mixed feelings about the former IN governor who is seen as tempered and measured but too conservative for liberals.

While 48 percent of Americans are in favor of impeachment, Pence looked to his own political future. Turkey opposed United States arming of Kurdish fighters - and so did Flynn, who at that time had been paid more than $500,000 by Turkey through his private company, Flynn Intel Group.

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