These 4 People Are Being Interviewed for FBI Director

Trump Comey

Trump Comey

Mr Trump, in an interview, raised new questions about the motivations behind his decision to fire Mr Comey.

When Trump then pressed for "honest loyalty", Comey told him, "You will have that", recounted the Comey associate. "The integrity of our law enforcement agencies and their leadership is of the utmost importance to President Trump".

"That is possible", said Trump, who is giving a commencement speech at Liberty University, in Lynchburg, Va.

But Trump told Holt, "Oh, I was going fire regardless".

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham of SC said on "Meet the Press" that Trump has is obligated "to pick somebody beyond reproach outside the political lane".

CNN said Comey is "not anxious about any tapes" Trump may have, citing an unnamed source familiar with the matter.

If nothing else, Comey's firing reinforces the need for a Watergate-style congressional committee, or a 9/11-style commission, to investigate the Russian connection, and a special prosecutor to deal with any related criminal issues.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation probe and parallel congressional investigations have clouded Trump's presidency since he took office on January 20, threatening to overwhelm his policy priorities. Each has worked in high-profile positions in the Justice Department. "The statements suggest [Comey] may have in fact been fired to bring about that result".

The letter, written by attorneys Sheri Dillon and William Nelson from the law firm of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, simultaneously leaves open the possibility of other Russian ties while attempting to dismiss them.

Comey has not confirmed Trump's account.

Democrats irate over Comey's abrupt ouster, and concerned by the inclusion of politicians on the list of possible replacements, are demanding Trump not select a partisan leader. Comey instead told Trump he could count on his honesty, the Times said.

Trump on Friday defended the struggle by his administration to come up with a consistent timeline and rationale for the abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey this week. Trump said Comey wanted to have the dinner because he wanted to stay on in the job.

"As a very active President with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with ideal accuracy!" he tweeted. It was one of a series of explanations for dismissing the Federal Bureau of Investigation director, some of which directly those offered earlier by top White House officials.

The White House has said Comey's firing was unrelated to the Russian Federation probe.

Trump said Comey was "a showboat" and "a grandstander". "Nearly all of them are very well-known", Trump said aboard the plane that took him to Lynchburg, Virginia, where he gave the commencement address at Liberty University.

Meanwhile, the White House is reportedly acting quickly to replace Comey. That's true at any time, and even more so when the FBI is investigating alleged collusion between the Russians and people associated with the Trump campaign. Moscow has denied any such meddling.

"I've talked to the president", said Spicer.

The fact Mr Comey had not publicly talked down links between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation was also a source of tension, the Journal reported.