The 8 coolest things we learnt from the Google I/O 2017 keynote

With yesterday's announcement of a suite of new Google Home features - including voice calls and music streaming support - Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are now more similar than ever before.

Another tool in Google Photos will prompt you to share photos you take with people you know.

CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled Google Lens, a set of vision-based computing capabilities that can understand what you are looking at. This OS variant will be particularly useful for Google to penetrate low-income smartphone markets like India, where feature phones are still common - as the Indian market transitions completely away from feature phones to smartphones, Android Go may provide a useful and cheap stepping stone. For instance, point the phone at a flower and Assistant will call upon Lens to identify the type of flower. Google will also let you share whole photo libraries with others. Google claims the feature will be smart enough so that you could auto-share only specific photos - say, of your kids - to your partner or a friend.

And finally, we get to Android O. It looks like O won't be a massive update the year, instead focussing on the "vitals", as Google puts it. And since you're probably more likely to lose or have your phone stolen than become a victim of a malware attack - I'd recommend getting on board with Find My Device. This newly introduced version of the Android OS brings forward numerous changes. Android Go is a version of the popular mobile operating system that has been optimised for smartphones with 1GB RAM or less, thus primarily aimed at emerging markets.

This optimisation of the latest release of Android, starting with Android O, to run smoothly on entry-level devices.

You will soon be able to link your Android Pay and PayPal accounts together, this feature is coming to Android Pay in the US.

Song Dae-hyun, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company said: "Our partnership with Google demonstrates just how easy it is to smart-enable one's home with friendly, approachable products".

Wednesday's keynote took place at an outdoor theater near the company's Mountain View, California, headquarters.

AP technology reporter Tali Arbel contributed from NY.