Jharkhand: Villagers lynch 3 on suspicion of child kidnapping

Jharkhand Three Muslim cattle traders lynched by mob over ‘kid theft’ rumours

Jharkhand Three Muslim cattle traders lynched by mob over ‘kid theft’ rumours

"People were in suspicion that the people travelling in the auto were the child thief".

The seven people lynched on Thursday included four Muslims and three Hindus from neighbouring non-tribal villages and urban areas. "A massive awareness drive is required to check the attacks and killings", he said, adding that his men were moving village to village shouting on loud speakers to dispel fears of child lifters.

Telegraph reported that the group of four traders were on their way from Haldipokhar last night to Rajnagar to buy cattle at a local market when a mob, enraged at rumours of "child lifting", intercepted their vehicle at Shobhapur village in Rajnagar block. They stopped the vehicle around midnight and attacked the men but three of them managed to escape. There has been a spike in mob violence in the past few months across India, after self-appointed cow protectors gained legitimacy under certain indulgent state governments, to act as vigilantes and deliver mob justice to people they suspected as cattle smugglers.

Cars and police jeeps were also targeted and set on fire by the villagers.

"The four men lynched were cattle traders, who often frequented Sobhapur where their relatives live".

Police, however, denied reports that a number of child abduction cases were reported in the region.

The whole incident started around midnight and went on till early morning hours. The mob also assaulted police officers when they tried to intervene. Seraikela-Kharsawan SP Rakesh Bansal told The Telegraph.

The police said there was no communal angle to the incident.