How to protect yourself from WannaCry ransomware

The VNCERT, under the Ministry of Information and Communications, has issued warnings as well as offered protection measures to all users to guard against the ransomware and its variations, which target Microsoft Windows - an operating system that is widely used in Việt Nam, especially the outdated Windows XP.

Microsoft president and chief legal officer Brad Smith likened the crippling "WannaCry" cyber assault on at least 200,000 PCs in more than 150 countries - a result of software exploits pilfered from the National Security Agency in April - to a raid on the Pentagon's missile arsenal. It would also not state the number of attack reports it had received, he said. However, it is understood that a few systems of the police department in Andhra Pradesh were impacted.

Nations need to see the attack as a wake-up call, said Smith.

Mr Smith said the "ransomware" attacks had used data stolen from the NSA earlier this year - which contained information on software vulnerabilities the government had hoped to hoard - and subsequently leaked them online.

But Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt failed to address the NHS cyber attack when he was approached by BBC reporters on Monday morning.

The RBI also asked all banks to put in place a software update at ATMs to prevent their systems from a malware that has attacked payment systems across the world.

"As far as this cyber issue is concerned, the Government of India is keeping a very strong watch on it". There have been isolated incidents in Kerala and AP, ' Union I&T minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said.

Shadow Brokers came to public attention last August when it mounted an unsuccessful attempt to auction off a set of older cyber-spying tools it said were stolen from the US National Security Agency.

A multi-agency monitoring team is continuously assessing the situation round the clock, IT Secretary Aruna Sundararajan said on the margins of a Broadband India Forum event. "In some cases, the malware comes from external devices interacting with the banking networks. Typically, they (banks) have to report (any disruption) to both RBI and us", Bahl added.

One of the biggest-ever ransomware attacks continues to take computers hostage. "Another area of concern is the patch management". "I'm anxious about how the numbers will continue to grow when people go to work and turn on their machines on Monday", he said. In a surprise move over the weekend, Microsoft released a patch for versions of Windows it no longer supports - because many businesses and organizations use legacy technology as critical infrastructure.

As MalwareTech noted in a blog post afterward, the ransomware was written to connect to an unregistered domain and "if the connection is not successful it ransoms the system, if it is successful the malware exits".

"How did the malware manage to spread if Microsoft had already shipped a Windows update that fixed the vulnerability WannaCrypt was exploiting?" wrote Forbes contributor Lee Mathews.