Google I/O 2017: Android O to bring redesigned, new style of emojis

The new emojis are now available on the beta version of Android O and will be available officially on the OS later this year.

It is noteworthy here that Android O is ready to bring wide range of features besides redesigning emoji set.

The blob-like emojis are popular nowadays and were first launched in Android 4.4 KitKat which are being modified over the years. But the problem with this blob-like emojis is that they are not much compatible with other platforms. Hence, Google has made a decision to redesign its emoji which will be more attractive and compatible.

At the Google I/O conference, the Android O Developer Preview beta 2 was shown with a new set of emojis to replace the current blob emojis. Plus, these ones will be more user friendly.

The company has confirmed that Android O will boast its revamped emoji but nothing can be said until the final version of Android O rolls out publically.

A product manager for Android, Gus Fonts, more said, "We're doing a full redesign of the emoji set", adding,"We took a look at many things, but mostly the thing that's most striking is, perhaps, that yes, the candy dots or blobs, are now substituted with a set of squishy circles-for a lot of good reasons".